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And thanks for stopping by! My work reflects my desire to add some whimsy, enchantment and beauty to the world. It is my way of sharing a bit of my heart. I love the laughter and smiles, but I am also drawn to the quiet, intimate moments that are filled with emotion. My goal is to capture the essence of your wedding day, all the little things that come together to paint the big picture. 

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DIY Crepe Paper Cherry Blossom Tutorial Steps How to

DIY Crepe Paper Cherry Blossom Tutorial | Sakura

Paper Flowers/Tutorials

Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers. I always look forward to the cherry trees blooming in the spring and wish they would last longer than those few glorious days. I absolutely adore those delicate pink blossoms! One of the main reasons I first started making crepe papers was due to a gorgeous ombre […]

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Paper to Petal DIY Crepe Paper Flower Book with Florist and Doublette Crepe

Getting Started with Paper Flowers: Supplies, Resources and Inspiration

Paper Flowers

So you’ve decided to DIY paper flowers for your wedding? Here are some tips for getting started with paper flowers. In this blog post, you’ll find a list of the supplies you might need, along with links to where they can be purchased. I also created a list of books and tutorials that will get […]

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Diptych of single cafe au lait paper dahlia and crepe paper peony

7 reasons to DIY paper flowers for your wedding | Wedding Advice

Paper Flowers

Trying to decide if you should DIY paper flowers for your wedding? Here are 7 reasons you should take the plunge! I’ve been obsessed with paper flowers since we made all the flowers for my sister’s wedding two years ago. I’ve been meaning to start a little series with some tutorials and advice for the […]

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Christmas Table Setting | Pieces of Life | December

Pieces of Life

I wanted to show you our Christmas table setting, because it was just gorgeous! This Christmas, we had a prime rib dinner (yum! I’m a huge lover of prime rib and steak in general. When we went to Vegas at the beginning of the month, we went to two buffets and Sam was thoroughly impressed […]

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DIY Tissue Paper Flower Wedding Backdrop

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop – Tips and Tricks


About three weeks before my sister’s wedding, I made a snap decision to make this DIY paper flower backdrop from Livia Cetti’s The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers to hang behind the bride and groom’s table at the reception. Now, this was actually a little bit crazy on my part because I had made hundreds […]

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