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Trying to decide if you should DIY paper flowers for your wedding? Here are 7 reasons you should take the plunge!

I’ve been obsessed with paper flowers since we made all the flowers for my sister’s wedding two years ago. I’ve been meaning to start a little series with some tutorials and advice for the brides who might want to do something similar. If you’re a crafty bride, you probably already have a long list of things you want to make for your wedding. It’s important not to overcommit yourself, but there are a couple reasons you should consider adding paper flowers to that list, even if it means you have to bump off some other things! Here are 7 reasons why DIY paper flowers for your wedding are the perfect way to add the extra special personal touch.

Diptych of single cafe au lait paper dahlia and crepe paper peony

1. You can keep paper flowers forever. 

Since the flowers are paper, they will last forever! You can keep your bridal bouquet as a memento from your wedding, and they will always be just as beautiful as they were on your wedding day. Keep the flowers out of the sun, as the sun will bleach the colors out of some types of paper.

Pink Cafe Au Lait DIY Crepe Paper Dahlia on White Background

2. DIY paper flowers will save you money.

My sister’s flowers cost her less than $500. That included 13 full centerpieces, a paper flower backdrop that hung behind the sweetheart’s table, two little flowers for each guest as their favor and seating card, the bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaid’s bouquets, flowers for the cake, and flowers to decorate the arch.

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Wedding Backdrop

3. You can match your color palette more easily, especially if you have unusual colors!

My sister chose ivory, gold and shades of blue for her wedding colors. If she had used real flowers, it would have been difficult (and possibly expensive) to find naturally blue flowers. Of course, you can dye flowers, but it’s generally not very pretty! With paper flowers, it was easy for me to buy blue tissue paper and crepe paper. I even hand painted some tissue paper to get the perfect shade of blue for some flowers.

Half Moon Bay Anniversary Session

4. You can repurpose paper flowers after the wedding

My sister still has a bouquet of the tissue paper flowers I made for the paper flower backdrop sitting on her mantel along with her bouquet. We also reused my bridesmaid bouquet during their Point Montara anniversary session. My mom and aunt put most of the centerpieces together into a huge arrangement for our church. On top of that, my aunt still has a handful of flowers that she uses for a finishing touch on gifts.

Pink Crepe Paper Peony and Dahlia

5. Paper flowers are always in season

If you’re using real flowers in your arrangements, you have to think about when your wedding is being held. If you have your heart set on coral charm peonies at your winter wedding, you’ll either have to pay a pretty penny to import them in, or you’ll have to change your plans. If you are making your own paper flowers, however,

Red and White DIY Paper Flowers on Christmas Table Setting

6. Everything can be arranged well in advance

This is a really big deal, especially for DIY weddings where you don’t have many outside vendors or a wedding planner to help coordinate. Since the flowers won’t wilt, you can make the arrangements as soon as you finish the flowers. Trust me, the less you have to do the day of, the happier you will be!


7. It’s fun!

I loved the process of making paper flowers and still make them whenever I have some free time. It was also a great bonding activity for me and my sister. We would get together over the weekends and just have paper flower making marathons together.

Hope that helps you decide whether you should make paper flowers for your wedding or not! Keep an eye out for future blog posts with information on what resources you need and where to find inspiration.

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7 reasons to DIY paper flowers for your wedding | Wedding Advice

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