I’ve actually known both Sam and Kacey since well before they started dating. I met Kacey in sophomore year of college when we took a musical theory class together and I met Sam the summer after sophomore year during a solar car race and again when we started working at Waymo seven(!) years ago. I […]

This year, the majority of my couples have done an engagement session, so I’ve spent plenty of time with them before the wedding. However, Steph and Tay live in Salt Lake City now so, except for a brief meeting at the wedding showcase at Saratoga Springs, we hadn’t met before the wedding. They are such […]

A couple weeks ago, Devon and Cyril got married in Devon’s great-aunt Lee’s garden, surrounded by their friends and family. When put like that, it sounds like a very casual affair (which in some ways it was!), but it was also one of the prettiest weddings I have seen. Lee’s garden has won multiple awards […]

K and C moved to the Bay Area last summer and fell in love with the beautiful views on all the hiking trails. Their favorite hiking trail is Russian Ridge, which is also one of my favorites, so I was super excited when they reached out asking about an engagement session at Russian Ridge. You […]

Picture this: a freshman who doesn’t like math taking a senior-level Linear Algebra class. Who would have thought that would be the start of Brad and Irene’s love story? Brad and Irene met at MIT during a math class that Irene only took by chance, but it soon became clear that they were meant for […]

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that Sam and I just got back from our honeymoon in Italy and France. Wedding season is about to be in full swing (pray with me that the rain lets up a bit on Saturday for Brad and Irene’s Saratoga Springs wedding!! Who would have thought […]