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And thanks for stopping by! My work reflects my desire to add some whimsy, enchantment and beauty to the world. It is my way of sharing a bit of my heart. I love the laughter and smiles, but I am also drawn to the quiet, intimate moments that are filled with emotion. My goal is to capture the essence of your wedding day, all the little things that come together to paint the big picture. 

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I’m so excited to share my new branding and website with you all! 2019 was a huge year of growth for me and I feel like I really honed in on my style. Falling in love with shooting film was definitely a big part of figuring out my style and as the months went by, I realized my old website and logo (all done by me before I even started photographing weddings!!) didn’t represent me and my brand well. I’ve always been a little hesitant about hiring someone for branding, but I reached out to Jacki of Foil & Ink after seeing the beautiful work she did on Prim Event Studio’s branding and website.

I am so glad I did, because Jacki completely nailed my branding and website!! It feels so incredibly me, which I was so impressed by because it felt like I barely sent Jacki any inspiration and what I sent was pretty scattered, haha. Jacki just understood me from the start and was always on the same wavelength. We started with my love for florals, pinks and golden light and went from there! I absolutely love how she incorporated delicate florals in my logo while keeping it understated and elegant.

Once we got my branding squared away, it was time to get started on my website. It was so much fun seeing the website get built out! We did a completely custom website and I gave Jacki full control of the direction from the very beginning. After seeing what she had done for my logos, I knew that Jacki understood me and my brand perfectly! I have absolutely no regrets, because I love how my website turned out! I was able to make suggestions for tweaks along the way (like changing the blog format to show portrait photos as featured photos instead of landscape!), but for the most part, Jacki just went for it!

I hope you love my branding and website as much as I do and I am so excited to finally get to share it all with you!


New Branding for Alice Che Photography!!

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