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And thanks for stopping by! My work reflects my desire to add some whimsy, enchantment and beauty to the world. It is my way of sharing a bit of my heart. I love the laughter and smiles, but I am also drawn to the quiet, intimate moments that are filled with emotion. My goal is to capture the essence of your wedding day, all the little things that come together to paint the big picture. 

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This amazing  Sutro Baths Proposal was one of my favorite things I have ever photographed. I already love engagement sessions, so add in a proposal, and you have a very happy photographer! I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to capture this incredible moment for such an amazing couple. One of my photographer friends, Ann Tyer, told me her best friend Wayne was planning a surprise trip for his girlfriend to San Francisco. She said Wayne was planning on proposing while there and wanted to get some engagement photos. I have always wanted to photograph a proposal, so I was crossing my fingers and toes that a. Wayne would get in touch with me, and b. that I could convince him to let me photograph the proposal! A couple weeks later, I got an email from Wayne asking me if I would be willing to photograph their engagement photos and asking for some recommendations on locations to propose. He mentioned the Golden Gate Bridge might be nice or somewhere that showed off the coastline, so I suggested Baker Beach, Point Montara and Sutro Baths. I also basically begged him to let me photograph the proposal, haha! We ended up settling on Sutro Baths because I knew that there would be quite a few other people there, letting me blend in more easily.

As we exchanged emails, I was struck by how incredibly in love Wayne is. Every email he sent me was just full of his love for Lisa. He told me about the journal he has been keeping throughout their entire relationship and showed me a photo of the gorgeous hand-tooled leather cover. In the coming weeks, he told me that the pages were starting to run out so he knew it was time to propose! He also showed me the amazing wooden box that he made himself to keep the journal in.

I got to scout out Sutro Baths the weekend before, so I sent Wayne several detailed pictures with Xs where I would be and where he should propose, haha! On the day of the proposal, I arrived at Sutro Baths and realized that T-Mobile had zero coverage at the bottom! I was nervous, but it ended up turning out perfectly. Wayne and I had exchanged selfies so we knew what the other looked like and I was waiting there when they arrived! The sun was crazy high in the sky, so next time I photograph a Sutro Baths proposal I know to set the time later 😉 but I am still so in love with these photos and this incredible couple. Because we started so early, I got to hang out with them as Wayne gave Lisa the journal and she started flipping through it for the first time. Lisa told me more about their love story, and I seriously melted. They are both so in love, and their story is like a fairytale come true. I hope you enjoy the photos from this Sutro Baths proposal as much as I loved taking them.

sutro-baths-proposal-alice-che-photography Sutro Baths Proposal -alice-che-photography-san-francisco-engagement-putting-ring-on-finger-94121 sutro-baths-proposal-black-and-white-alice-che-photography-san-francisco-engagement sutro-baths-proposal-alice-che-photography-kissalice-che-photography-emotional-sutro-baths-proposal-94121-san-francisco-engagement-photography sutro-baths-proposal-hand-carved-leather-journal-alice-che-photography sutro-baths-proposal-alice-che-photography-ring sutro-baths-proposal-emotional-wiping-away-tear alice-che-photography-sutro-baths-proposal alice-che-photography-holding-hands-sutro-bath-proposal sutro-baths-proposal-journal-of-love-alice-che-photography alice-che-photography-sutro-baths-ring-reading-journal sutro-baths-proposal-backlit-black-and-white-emotional-intimate-engagement-photo-alice-che-94121 sutro-baths-proposal-alice-che-photography-emotional-backlit sutro-baths-proposal-emotional-engagement-backlit-colorful-alice-che-photographysutro-baths-proposal-golden-light-back-lit-engagement-photo sutro-baths-proposal-engagement-sunset-photo-alice-che-photography-94121

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Sutro Baths Proposal | San Francisco Engagement Photography

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