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And thanks for stopping by! My work reflects my desire to add some whimsy, enchantment and beauty to the world. It is my way of sharing a bit of my heart. I love the laughter and smiles, but I am also drawn to the quiet, intimate moments that are filled with emotion. My goal is to capture the essence of your wedding day, all the little things that come together to paint the big picture. 

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I can’t believe that I’ve known Marimar and Charles ten years now, essentially for their entire relationship! That made it even more special to be able to photograph their Silicon Valley engagement session. We all went to Stanford together, moved into our very first apartment after graduation along with two other friends, and then have continued to meet for dinner almost every week for years now. It’s been incredible watching their relationship grow and change throughout the years, but there’s definitely been a lot of speculation on my part as to when they would be getting married! Honestly, I’m surprised that Sam and I got married before they did, haha! Charles ended up waiting for the perfect time to propose though.

Just a few months ago, they went on their first international trip together along with four of our other weekly dinner friends. Charles spent the entire trip keeping an eye out for the perfect moment, but even though there were a few good opportunities (like when they had climbed to the top of a tower in Tuscany), nothing seemed quite perfect. It wasn’t until later in the trip when Marimar and Charles split off to explore Venice on their own that the opportunity presented itself. While Marimar was shopping for a gift for her dad, she mentioned that she had realized that gift giving was her love language, but it wasn’t Charles’. Charles took her aside and said, “Well, actually, I have a gift for you,” got down on one knee, and held out the gorgeous engagement ring he picked out. Spoiler alert, she said yes!

Since Charles lives in Palo Alto, we decided to start their engagement session at Foothills Park before heading up the hills to Russian Ridge! We brought their adorable pup Maple with us to keep Sam company, haha! We had such a great time learning more about their wedding plans (Stanford Mem Chu and Allied Arts Guild!), but also just catching up on life, as we have all been pretty busy lately. I’m so excited to share these photos with you and can’t wait for their wedding next June!! Hope you love this sweet Silicon Valley engagement session as much as I do!



Silicon Valley Engagement session, couple eskimo kissing in golden light

Silicon Valley engagement session groom lifting fiance by oak tree

Silicon Valley engagement session bride leading groom in front of rolling hills

Groom kissing bride on forehead at sunset during Silicon Valley engagement session

Bonus photos of our pup handler 😉


Silicon Valley Engagement Session

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