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A couple weeks ago, Devon and Cyril got married in Devon’s great-aunt Lee’s garden, surrounded by their friends and family. When put like that, it sounds like a very casual affair (which in some ways it was!), but it was also one of the prettiest weddings I have seen. Lee’s garden has won multiple awards and it’s obvious why, because it is absolutely stunning. Devon is one of the best friends of my friends Jon and Reba, so I’ve actually photographed her before as a bridesmaid at their wedding, but I’ve also heard many stories about her through the years and have met her a handful of times at parties. I haven’t met Cyril before, so it was a total delight to get to know him throughout the day by watching his interactions with Devon and their guests and hearing the speeches from his best man, brother, and father. When I chatted with Devon’s mom (who helped plan the wedding) on the phone, she mentioned that as soon as Devon knew she was having a wedding, she immediately said the one thing she wanted was for me to photograph it… which is pretty much the best compliment I have ever gotten! I was so honored to photograph their beautiful Livermore backyard wedding and I am so excited to share the photos here.

Livermore Backyard Wedding Bride and Groom looking at each other surrounded by flowers

The wedding was a true family affair! Devon’s mom and aunts helped plan and coordinate, Lee generously invited everyone into her beautiful gardens, and Cyril’s father even played with the band! All of Devon’s jewelry came from her mom, great-aunt and grandmother. Sweetest of all, she wore the dress her grandmother sewed for her own wedding. The whole family thought the dress had been lost, which is why no one else in Devon’s family wore it. When Devon’s grandmother found it by chance while cleaning about a year ago and it happened to fit Devon perfectly, she knew immediately it would be the perfect dress for her.

You know how I mentioned that Cyril’s father played with the band? It turns out Devon’s great-aunt and uncle actually met Cyril’s father before they met Cyril! They were on a cruise in Switzerland and heard a wonderful jazz band playing by the river. When Lee met Cyril for the first time, she mentioned that they had been to Switzerland recently, and they got to chatting about the band that they had heard. Cyril immediately asked if it was a specific band, because that was the band his father played in! Lee ended up finding photos she had taken of the band, and when Cyril saw them, he was like, yep, that’s my dad!

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Livermore Backyard Wedding | Livermore Wedding Photographer

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