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This emotional, intimate in-home session was one of my favorites ever! I am so grateful that Kelly and Zach let me photograph them in their home and were so fun and easy to work with. Seriously, how adorable are they? They were basically laughing the entire time 🙂 Kelly is actually the daughter of my good friend Lisa, who is a fellow mentor for Click & Company. Funnily enough, I knew that Zach was planning on proposing before Kelly did, because Lisa had told me, haha! When they got engaged, Lisa posted a photo of the two of them in the forums. I knew immediately that I wanted to photograph their engagement photos, so I got Lisa to put me in touch with Kelly. Zach is with Cal Fire, so it took a little time to find a weekend that worked for the both of us, but I am so glad we did. We started the session in their home on their couch, and I love how being in a familiar environment let them relax and helped the emotions shine. I realized pretty quickly that they love to laugh, which is awesome, because all I really want in photos is to capture emotions. I kept on joking with them that I was going to keep telling them to get even closer to each other. They even let me put them in their bed so I could make them cuddle and shoot down on them, haha! Finally, we headed out to Folsom Lake and took some photos there. Once again, they proved that they were basically the easiest couple to photograph ever by not even blinking an eye when I asked them to wade into the water not once, but twice! They are such a sweet, giggly couple and I just loved getting to know them better and hearing their love story. I am so incredibly excited to photograph their wedding at the Loomis Flower Farm in October.

intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-adorable-couple intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-laughing-happy-couple intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-laughing-couple emotional intimate in-home session -bay-area-photography-alice-che-emotional-connected-couple-on-couch intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-laughing-girl intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-cuddling in bed intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-kiss-on-the-neck intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-connected-hands intimate in home engagement session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-black-and-white-connected-couple intimate in home engagement session bay-area-photography-alice-che-couple-cuddling intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-window-light intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-backlit intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-kissing folsom-lake-intimate-emotional-engagement-session-alice-che intimate-in-home-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che-beautiful-couple love-under-a-bridge-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che intimate-folsom-lake-engagement-session-bay-area-photography-alice-che

Contact me or email me at alice@aliceche.com to book your own intimate in-home session. Let me capture the two of you in the place you spend the most time together!

Alice Che is a San Francisco Bay Area photographer specializing in wedding, engagement, couple and boudoir photography. Serving the South Bay, Peninsula, and East Bay: San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Carlos, Burlingame, Los Altos, Milpitas, Union City, Fremont, Berkeley, El Cerrito and surrounding areas including zipcodes 94043, 94121 and more.

  1. Lisa Benemelis

    June 6th, 2016 at 6:27 PM

    Such beautiful work, Alice. You captured their love for both each other and life perfectly. Thank you for capturing their engagement – it will be something we will cherish forever.


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