photographer, crafter, engineer

I am a romantic girly girl who owns over 50 dresses and adores all things dainty and beautiful. I have always been a dreamer, a lover of fairytales and happily ever afters. My work reflects my desire to add some whimsy, enchantment and beauty to the world. It is my way of sharing a bit of my heart. I love the laughter and smiles, but I am drawn to the quiet, intimate moments that are filled with emotion. 

I’ve lived in the Bay Area my entire life and love it! I was born and raised up in the East Bay and moved down to the Peninsula to attend Stanford. I now work at Google X in Mountain View as a hardware engineer with the self driving car team. 

I love to cook, bake and do all sorts of crafts. I recently took up sewing and am trying to juggle that with paper flower making (I helped my sister make all of her flowers for her wedding!) and calligraphy (I also addressed all her envelopes and place settings, haha!)

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